Monday, July 18, 2016

Bikeman Performance / rOtation Motorsports TORC Elk River, MN Race Report

TORC Elk River
TORC Elk River
With bad luck seeming to be the norm, it struck again in Elk River with a TORC Safety vehicle being on course without a radio warning to the drivers causing Treavis Poynter to collide with it at full speed while in the air. Needless to say, our brand new RZR Turbo with less than an hour on it has it's funeral sometime this week.. Stay tuned.. We're thankful Treavis didn't receive injury.

In any regard, the BMP / rOtation Motorsports team persevered to walk away with 3 podium finishes for the weekend!
Polaris RZR XP Turbo
RZR XP Turbo after the crash
Jason Luburgh held off Corry Weller in her Yamaha YXZ1000R to take the 1st place trophy home. After, top 3 vehicles tech'd and cleared with no issues. With Corry doing so well in the Lucas Oil series, she was pretty impressed with Jason's driving, along with the performance of the RZR.

Treavis Poynter, up all night with crew, transferred parts from the totaled RZR over to our spare turbo unit which was completely stock. Basically, cage and a few safety items were transferred over to make the vehicle legal to run. However, Treavis was working on it right up to race time and wasn't able to make it to tech prior to the race causing him to receive a black flag for the day. He was running in 1st place when the black flag was dropped.

TORC Elk River

Adjustments we're made to the machines along with Treavis working all night on his machine. Unfortunately, Jason Luburgh made a few changes that ended up costing him some corner speed ultimately costing him the race as Weller got by him to take the victory.

Jason Luburgh
Treavis, in his turbo mod Polaris RZR, was the fastest driver on track by 3 seconds with that Bikeman power. Unfortunately, no spare Lonestar Racing parts we're available and he had to run the stock radius rods which failed causing him to drop back to 2nd place for the finish.

Treavis Poynter
Treavis Poynter

Jason Luburgh - 1st Place Day One & 2nd Place Day Two
Treavis Poynter - Black Flag Day One & 2nd Place Day Two

Jason Luburgh
Jason Luburgh
Treavis Poynter
Treavis Poynter
Thank you to all sponsors for hanging in there with our bad luck over the past year. We've been working hard to overcome the problems we've had and some success in Elk River is great motivation for the future. We feel that we have a great team of mechanics, drivers, and sponsors.

Bikeman Performance
Bikeman Performance
Lastly, we're really excited about the addition of UTV racing to the TORC Series. Despite the early on bad luck, the weekend was very enjoyable and that's what racing is all about. We plan to race the series for the rest of the year along with the Heartland Challenge and of course, GNCC.

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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

2016 Score International Baja 500, 1918 Cognito Motorsports

Cognito Motorsports

Everyone who goes to Baja comes home with a story, we come home with one every time. For this year’s SCORE International Baja 500, we didn’t expect that

we would be chasing thieves that had just stolen our chase truck, race trailer and race car, but that is what happened. It was like a scene in a cops and robbers movie, and the Cognito boys are playing the cops. We almost did not get to race the Baja 500.

Cognito Motorsports

Friday was contingency and tech day, it’s a long one and we told that story a couple dozen times. We got back to our house and ran across a few last minute items that needed attention on the race car, when we looked at the time and realized we were going to be late to the drivers meeting, we were 25 minutes late but still feeling lucky that we got our stuff back and were going to get to race! Honestly that chase took a lot out of the guys, I think they could have gone home instead, but we all were feeling lucky and wanted to carry it over to the race.

Saturday we were set to start the race around 11:30am, a tragic accident stalled the race for about an hour, then we were under way with the first 200 miles in the hands of Victor and David in the RZR making good time. Note, we did enter the PRO UTV FI (forced induction) class which is the turbo class, but we were racing our naturally aspirated RZR since in SCORE we are allowed to race up, and since we are not in the SCORE series for points, we figured we would go for the glory in what we felt was the most competitive class in SCORE.

Victor and David delivered Mitchell and me a good car at the next pit which was RM200 at about 6:45pm, complaining only of the heat as the car had to be babied in the 115-120 degree temps to avoid overheating. Mitchell and I were off to go survive the San Felipe whoops, we did so and it got dark before we made our way past San Felipe where we noticed some locals pointing us in what we thought was the wrong direction, a different direction than what we had done in our pre running. It turns out that we missed some important changes to the course in the first 20 minutes of the drivers meeting since we were late, missed a check point and was assessed a 10 minute penalty, which we would not find out until after we got home. We were still first UTV on course, it was dark, but hot, still a good 100 degrees out and we were still having to watch our coolant temperatures from sending us into limp mode, which we could not avoid a couple times.

We figured Matlock was long gone but we ran the last 10 miles like it was the first, came across the finish line for second place and it turns out Matlock beat us by less than 1 minute after corrected time, but we had also a 10 minute penalty on top of that. We placed second overall UTV, second place in the Pro UTV Turbo class, racing in a naturally aspirated Polaris RZR 4 XP1000. The next turbo UTV was over an hour behind us, and the winner of the naturally aspirated class was over 2 hours behind us, so we feel pretty good about where we stack up in the class obviously!

Our condolences to those down there on and off the race course who lost their lives and their loved ones.

Special thank you to the Cognito team who comes down here to Baja to race. I know I am the face of the team but this is not Justin Lambert’s team, this is the Cognito Motorsports team. This race it was myself, Mitchell Alsup, Victor Herrera, David Lytle, Jim Neasbitt, Brandon Hong of Sparks Performance Products, Victor Herrera Sr., Greg Hauser, and Ryan Hauser.

Also special thank you to our sponsors:

Polaris || Mystik Lubricants || ITP Tires || Sparks Performance Products || FOX || Method

Tuesday, June 14, 2016


HDX Electric Cargo Box Lift
Easily Drop Loads With the HDX Cargo Box

The new HDX Electric Cargo Box Lift from Arctic Cat takes the work out of landscaping, dirt work and other chores that require transporting and dumping loads. It features a heavy-duty outdoor actuator that delivers smooth cargo box lifting and lowering in all environments. A convenient dash-mounted rocker switch for activates the lift for maximum versatility, while a built-in limiter switch stops the lift motor when the lift is complete to maintain motor function and durability. It works on 2011-2016 Arctic Cat HDX models.

MSRP $699.95 U.S./$909.95 Canada

PART NUMBERS: 2436-068 and 2436-330
Prowler & HDX Roof
Prowler & HDX Roof


Speed Ratchet Attachment System Simplifies Installation

Enjoy the added shade and driving comfort with a new Prowler & HDX Roof from Arctic Cat. Textured composite construction resists scratching, maintains a uniform shape and is extra durable for years of worry-free use. The simple SpeedRatchet attachment system ensures fast, easy installation or removal on all 2011-2016 Arctic Cat Prowler and 2012-2016 HDX models. It will not interfere many additional cab, door and windshield accessories from Arctic Cat.

MSRP $369.95 U.S./$479.95 Canada

PART NUMBER: 2436-140

These and other new Arctic Cat accessories are available now at most Arctic Cat dealerships and through the Arctic Cat online store at

About Arctic Cat

The Arctic Cat brand is among the most widely recognized and respected in the recreational vehicle industry. The company designs, engineers, manufactures and markets all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), side-by-sides and snowmobiles, in addition to related parts, garments and accessories under the Arctic Cat® and Motorfist®brand names. Arctic Cat Inc.’s world headquarters is located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Its common stock is traded on the NASDAQ Global Select Market under the ticker symbol “ACAT.” More information about Arctic Cat and its products is available at
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Monday, June 13, 2016

Jagged X Battles Through Baja

Baja 500

Phoenix, AZ, June 13, 2016 - The 48th running of the famed SCORE Baja 500 last week was a race that punctuated exactly why this is one of the most difficult and famous races in the world.

The Polaris RZR Jagged X team arrived in Ensenada with a solid plan, a well prepped race RZR and a fully staffed and equipped crew. We know how difficult it is to race in Baja so we spent the extra time and effort to make certain we were prepared.

The team was able to spend a couple good, solid days pre-running the course, learning the route and planning our resource allotment. This planning is essential to succeed in racing south of the border. Pit access, location and communication is the key to supporting the racers as they fight their way through the hostile terrain. Desert racing is so much more than just driving a car fast in the desert.

As always, tech and contingency was an event in itself. These races are certainly some of the largest events that the local Baja cities and towns see each year and they are met with an abundance of excitement and enthusiasm. The off road racers are the rock stars of Baja and the wonderful people here always make us feel welcome.

Part of the planning and strategy is following the weather forecast and being prepared. Baja Mexico can be freezing cold, pouring rain or just plain perfect. This week the prediction was heat and “HOT” it was! The temperature at the start of the race In Ensenada was a very pleasant 80 degrees but just a few miles away in Ojos Negros, our first visual pit location, the temperature was sweltering, reaching nearly 120 degrees. Water is your friend in heat like this so it was a major concern to insure that everyone on the team (especially our drivers) stayed hydrated. The team went through close to ten cases of Agua Fria before the day was done.

If the heat was not enough of an obstacle the course made up for it. This race would stand to be one of the most brutal courses that we have ever seen. As rough as the course was the Polaris RZR was able to charge through every section and continue to push further. It is hard to grasp the overall capability of these vehicles. The UTV class is still regulated to having the smallest tires and the smallest engines of all 4 wheel desert racing classes and yet their overall times and speeds rival many of the larger more powerful racing classes.

As the first half of the race began to take shape, Keith Redstrom and Co driver Chad Hummer would find themselves running at podium pace until a giant bottle neck brought their race to a grinding stop. Once again the off road capability of the Polaris RZR XP Turbo coupled the great traction of our BFG KR2 tires and some amazing driving skill would allow the 2919 to claw its way around dozens of stuck and stopped vehicles to reach the top of the log jam and get back to race pace. Just a few miles ahead the course went directly through the middle of a desert wildfire that had somehow been sparked earlier in the race. Temperatures by this time were well above 115 degrees. Rocks, trees, dust , ruts ,silt and heat would be the story for the next 200 miles and well into the dark.

Jagged X

At race mile 221 Keith and Chad were delighted to hand over the dirty but still in tact RZR to Brandon Schueler and his co-pilot Justin Sheakly. Darkness is another obstacle that while not talked about much can be just as dangerous as anything else in the lonely desert environment. The ability to stay on pace and still avoid hidden dangers takes sharp concentration and lots of experience. Brandon and Justin were on a mission to work their way to the front of the class but some unfortunate mechanical fatigue took its toll and forced the team to make some unexpected repairs on course and in the next two pits. This unfortunately slowed their pace but in the end they were able to finish this grueling race with a mid-pack eighth place finish. While we would have surely liked to have finished better, we are very proud of our entire team and their fortitude and determination.

Thank you to our entire crew and all of our generous sponsors. We could not do it without you.

Congratulations to all the racers who finished this amazing and difficult race. It is truly an accomplishment to be proud of. Congrats to Wayne Matlock on the Turbo win and to Alonso Lopez for the N/A win.

Our sincere thoughts and prayers go out to all of the families and friends who experienced the tragic loss of life at the race. God bless

Polaris RZR
Walker Evans Racing
BFGoodrich Tires
Varta Powersports Batteries
Polaris Engineered Lubricants
Factory UTV
CR Designs
Vision X

About Jagged X Racing:
Jagged X Racing is a Phoenix, AZ based off road fabrication and accessory shop focusing primarily on the rapidly growing sport of UTV off road racing. Jagged X currently campaigns entries in both the SCORE and BITD race series’ where they have accumulated multiple Championship titles. Jagged continues to be a leader in the development and promotion of the growing sport of UTV racing.
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Saturday, June 11, 2016

Brad DeBerti takes 4th place in the Lucas Oil Regionals Round 4

Brad DeBerti
Brad DeBerti
Team DeBerti took on another fast pace race weekend as they headed south to Glen Helen for the Lucas Oil Regionals Round 4. As usual, Team DeBerti and driver, Brad DeBerti, were determined to drive the Cognito Motorsports Polaris 1000 and the Support Our Troops Pro Lite to a podium finish. Along side Team DeBerti and Brad was Justin Lambert from Cognito Motorsports and Brandon Hong from Sparks Racing Engines, aiding Brad in setting the ideal speed in the Cognito Motorsports RZR 1000 and striving to beat the newly evolved Yamaha 1000.

Doug DeBerti, some may call him the mastermind behind Team DeBerti, came into Round 4 with some strategies that left even Brad feeling unsure of the outcome. At the Regional Rounds, Doug started Brad in the back of the Pro Lite field, pushing Brad to run through the entire field to secure the top spot. Lambert and Hong showed up with some strategic objectives of their own with the goal being to push the Polaris RZR to the front and ensure victory over the Yamaha 1000’s. The Yamaha 1000’s put more than 30 horsepower to the ground with a sequential five speed transmission compared to the Polaris RZR. With the difference of 30 horsepower, that could result in the difference between 1st and 5th place, yet Brad showed no hesitation in the strategies Team DeBerti was throwing his way.

Polaris RZR XP 1000 Polaris RZR XP 1000 Polaris RZR XP 1000

After a day of traveling on Thursday from the infamous DeBerti Compound in Pismo Beach, California, the team was ready to sweep the track and make the magic happen at practice on Friday. Team DeBerti rolled out the newly prepped Cognito Motorsports Polaris RZR and the Support Our Troops Pro Lite, seeking to conquer and sustain the speed needed for qualifying and race day. Lambert and Hong changed, adjusted and tuned the Polaris RZR until the team was satisfied with the consistency and Brad was able to find the imperative speed to outrun the Yamaha 1000’s. Again, the idea of out running the Yamaha 1000’s seems impossible, yet with Brad’s ability to adapt to diverse set up’s in just a few laps made this lofty goal look more and more attainable.

On the Pro Lite side, Doug was right there testing Brad’s driving adaptability once again. The ability to test and tune unfamiliar set up’s and gearing is an area where Brad shows his talents and an area for which Brad is becoming well known.On Saturday morning Brad rolled out for the qualifying rounds in the Cognito Motorsports RZR to land a 6th place starting position with a stacked Yamaha 1000 field between him and the checkered flag. The Pro Lite qualifying was on deck and Brad pulled off a 2nd place starting position, but Doug still requested a rear start to push Brad to be faster and more consistent through the race traffic. After two successful qualifying rounds, it was back to the Team DeBerti Hauler to clean the race vehicles, showing off the supporters and sponsors gratefully displayed on the race vehicles. As Team DeBerti was cleaning the race vehicles, Brad was approached by another team with an offer to drive their SR1 car, finding himself again in a different car, for some free, diverse seat time in the SR1 class.

Polaris RZR XP 1000 Polaris RZR XP 1000 Polaris RZR XP 1000

Without hesitation, Brad accepted the offer to race the SR1 car being that their driver had been injured in the qualifying rounds. Brad’s response, so fitting to his ‘go-do mentality’, “If I fit in the car, I will drive it!” Brad suited up just in time for a parking lot hot lap then straight to starting where he was in the last row of a 20 car field. An SR1 car is a UTV with a Yamaha R1 street bike drivetrain, extremely quick to steer and a handful to drive, but nothing Brad was going to turn away from. The green flag dropped and Brad struggled with shifting due to the last minute opportunity involving no experience with the vehicle and the less than five minutes of seat time in the parking lot. After a few laps, Brad had gained comfort with the SR1 car and headed straight to the front of the field. The SR1 class has been around for many years now, developing into an extremely competitive series. As Brad worked his way to the front, driving with seasoned SR1 drivers, he locked in a 3rd place podium finish. 20th to 3rd with no prior experience and a different dynamic within the car, all while racing in a highly competitive class; everyone was impressed. In true Team DeBerti fashion, Brad once again proved his raw talent and was applauded by everyone at the track.

Polaris RZR XP 1000 Polaris RZR XP 1000 Polaris RZR XP 1000

After a quick speech on the box and some kind words spoken from the other podium finishers about Brad’s talent and performance, Brad ran to staging to jump in the race- ready Cognito Motorsports RZR, just in time for the green flag to drop. As expected the Yamaha’s were out in front. Brad was able to move two Yamaha’s out of his way quickly putting him 4th on the road from his 6th place starting position. The determination Brad had to find the Cognito Motorsports RZR a place on the podium was shown through his consistency and talent to be the only Polaris RZR within the top eight cars. After rubbing doors with the Yamaha leaders and getting pulled off in the corners, Brad ended up with a 4th place finish. This race contributed to a great points weekend for the Cognito Motorsports RZR knowing Team DeBerti, Lambert and Hong put everything they had into competing against race vehicles with 30+ horsepower when compared to the Polaris RZR. That is not all, Brad was the first Polaris RZR driver to have a top five finish this season. Brad clearly shows his capacity to push himself in an array of situations all while making a great name for the Polaris RZR.


Team DeBerti and Brad were on triple duty this race weekend, again rushing Brad to Pro Lite staging to get buckled into his fast, Support Our Troops Pro Lite. Starting in the back after an impressive 2nd place qualifying position, the green flag dropped once again and Brad instantly had the hammer down. Smoothly working his way through the field, by lap three Brad would take the lead. Brad worked to hold the top spot the rest of the race searching to bring home the win for Team DeBerti- and Brad did just that! Team DeBerti made their way to the podium for a humble speech from Brad, showing his appreciation for all of the Pro Lite drivers stating, “These guys are all up and coming racers who are just as fast as the National racers.” Brad would go on to thank his family and Dad, Doug, for always pushing him to the next level. The Lucas Oil Regional races have become the test grounds for Team DeBerti and individuals like Lambert and Hong are there to make the impossible, possible.

Overall, Team DeBerti walked away from the weekend with a 3rd place in the SR1 class, 4th place in the Cognito RZR Pro-Production class and a 1st place win in the Pro Lite class. Team DeBerti felt more than accomplished as they packed up the hauler and headed back home.

Brad DeBerti Brad DeBerti Brad DeBerti

Team DeBerti would like to thank Cognito Motorsports for the opportunity to once again prove the integrity of the Cognito Motorsports suspension components, shock tuning and vehicle set-up from Lambert. Additionally, the team would like to thank Sparks Racing Engines for finding power no one knew was there.

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Monday, May 30, 2016

Team NAC Racing Report: Round 4 - The John Penton GNCC

MILLFIELD, Ohio (May 30, 2016) - Team NAC Racing climbed into the top five in the XC1 Pro Side-by-Side Championship following a season-best 4th place finish at Saturday's John Penton GNCC in Millfield, Ohio.

Heading into Round 4 of the GNCC Series with an 8th place Championship rank, Team driver John Barnes and his co-pilot Philip McGhee Jr. began on row two of the time-adjusted race. Barnes made a small mental error on the start, which ultimately caused him to take off after the rest of the pack and begin the race in dead last.

Team NAC Racing charged hard throughout the entire race. Photo: Ken Hill

Crossing the line in the 21st position after lap one, Barnes and McGhee immediately went to work making passes toward the front. On lap two, the NAC Racing duo approached a bottleneck in the woods where they cut a fresh line around the chaos to pass the remainder of the XC1 Pro Class.
From there, Barnes put the hammer down and continued to claw his way into the top five as the two-lap card came out. Just before the white flag, Barnes moved into the 4th place position and maintained his spot through the end of the one-hour race, finishing only 23 seconds behind 3rd place.
"We are very happy with a 4th place finish," Barnes said. "It could have been a little bit better if we would have started better but we're happy to make a jump in the Championship Standings and will keep aiming for a spot on the podium."
With a season-best finish of 4th place, Barnes and McGhee now sit 5th in the XC1 Pro Championship Standings with only two rounds remaining this season.

"Going into the John Penton we felt confident that nothing would go wrong - we replaced everything that could break and worked hard getting this machine 100 percent," McGhee said. "After the first lap I knew we were going to be in the top five. This was our best finish so far and we hope to make it on the podium before the season is up."
McGhee played an important role in navigating through the Ohio woods. Photo: Ken Hill
Barnes added, "The STI tires provided superb traction and the Yokley Racing Suspension worked better than ever before, we made a few adjustments and they were great! Super ATV sent us some new axles that worked amazing and I would like to give a special thanks to Jeffrey Woodard at New Life ATV for providing great race support."

Next round: GNCC Round 12 - October 1 in St. Clairsville, Ohio

The team would like to extend a big thanks to its sponsors for the 2016 season: STI Tire & Wheel/Roctane HD tires, OMF, Yokley Racing Suspension, Super ATV, SSi Decal, New Appearance Cabinet, Total Medical Solutions, CCAD, RZR Extreme, Alba Racing, America's Motorsports, Dragon Alliance, O'Neal and Slick Products.

The John Penton GNCC
Millfield, Ohio
Saturday, May 28, 2016
XC1 Pro UTV Results
1. Kyle Chaney
2. Tim Farr
3. Cody Miller
4. John Barnes (POL)
XC1 Pro UTV Championship Standings
1. Cody Miller (106)
2. Kyle Chaney (75)
3. Tim Farr (68)
4. Jamie McCoy (48)
5. John Barnes (43)

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Team DragonFire Podiums at the Inaugural Laughlin Desert Classic

Lacrecia Beurrier
Lacrecia Beurrier
With the UTV World Championship heavy on our minds, we knew we had to shake it off as we headed to the inaugural Laughlin Desert Classic. We were starting 21st off the line but because the top 10 from the Mint 400 and the Turbo Pro class started before us, that put us approximately 50th off the line. Our first goal was to finish in the top 10 on Saturday so that we could start up front on Sunday if we were to have any hopes of a podium finish. We had Queen Racing put a fresh tune on our Polaris RZR and we knew it was fast! We left the line 3 wide but fell short of the hole shot. Not to worry we passed them up as soon as we got a straight shot. We only had 4 17 miles laps to make it happen so we hammered down. No one could match our speed in the straight away! We passed numerous cars and saw even more off the track with problems. We pushed hard knowing we had to make it to the top 10. Saturday ended with us in a physical 7th place and 10th by time in the Pro Production class! It also placed us 10th overall out of 48! We were beyond excited to be starting up in the front on Sunday!

Sunday came and with a podium finish within our grasp we gave it all we had! The giant moon bumps had nothing for our Radflo shocks and they soaked up the chatter bumps like they weren’t even there. Co-driver, Dustin Hoffman, pushed me to drive even harder as our crew chief called out lap times. We sailed over the jumps and flew through the bumps. Nearing the end of the 4th lap the car began to handle erratic. We pulled over and Dustin jumped out and found a broken passenger rear axle. He pulled the shaft out and we headed back out in 3-wheel drive losing only a few minutes of time. As we neared the hot pits the handling of the car became worse and the clutch began to slip. “take it easy” the co-driver said. “we have to make it to the finish!” As we crossed the finish line, the crew informed us that we were 3rd Pro Production car over the line! And in front wheel drive! Not only for Sunday, but for the weekend. The team has been working so hard all season and we finally gave them the podium finish they deserve! We couldn’t be happier! We want to thank all of our amazing sponsors for helping us get there!

Special thanks to Aero Exhaust and Pro Eagle Products who are not yet on the sponsor card
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