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Can Am DS 450

Can Am DS450
Can Am DS 450

2011 Can-Am DS 450 Family

The Can-Am® DS 450™, DS 450™ X mx and DS 450™ X xc return for the 2011 model year lineup to offer unparalleled performance wherever the rider needs it. From the roughest woods-racing courses and motocross tracks of the east, to the wideopen desert expanses of the west, the Can-Am DS 450 features performance for any sport 450-class rider. With an ultralight chassis featuring the groundbreaking no-weld, aluminum ALTEC frame and a potent Rotax® engine, the Can-Am DS 450 has the highest power-to-weight ratio of any 450-class sport ATV*. The DS 450 model continues to maintain the benchmark for performance, handling and control – both on the track and on the trail.

Rotax 450 EFI engine // This engine features top-end DNA from the Rotax V990 which powers the Aprilia RSV 1000 R sportbike while the crankcase, clutch and transmission are specifically designed for the rigors of off-road riding. Its free-flow design – with the largest piston bore, intake valves and throttle body of the segment – delivers awesome power and great potential for performance tuning. A sophisticated EFI system with superfast micro-controller optimizes performance at every rpm, compensating for both temperature and altitude; throttle response is instant.

2011 Can-Am DS 450 family highlights

  • Rotax 450 EFI engine
  • ALTEC aluminum frame
  • R-type double A-arm front suspension
  • KYB HPG piggyback shocks
  • R-Type rear swing arm suspension
  • Wilwood braking system

2011 Can-Am DS 450

2011 Can-Am DS 450 Model Home

2011 Can-Am DS 450 2011 Can-Am DS 450 2011 Can-Am DS 450 2011 Can-Am DS 450

2011 Can-Am DS 450 X mx

  • + 2-inch double A-arms with adjustable caster and camber give a 50-inch front stance
  • Kashima-coated KYB HPG C40 aluminum piggyback front shocks with dual-speed compression, rebound and preload adjustments and 10.7 inches (272 mm) of travel
  • Dual-rate shocks with crossovers
  • Camber- and caster-adjustable front end

2011 Can-Am DS 450 X mx Model Home

2011 Can-Am DS 450 X mx 2011 Can-Am DS 450 X mx 2011 Can-Am DS 450 X mx 2011 Can-Am DS 450 X mx

2011 Can-Am DS 450 X xc

  • R-type forged aluminum double A-arms with adjustable caster

  • KYB HPG C36 aluminum piggyback front shocks with dual-speed compression, rebound and preload adjustments and 9.6 inches (245 mm) of travel

2011 Can-Am DS 450 X xc Model Home

2011 Can-Am DS 450 X xc 2011 Can-Am DS 450 X xc 2011 Can-Am DS 450 X xc

ALTEC™ Aluminum Chassis:

Can Am DS450 frame

The Can Am DS450 frame is very unique. The frame is made from aerospace-grade aluminum and configured in a dual-pyramidal design. Strength comes from computer-optimized design rather than heavier or added materials. The pyramidal structure has been proven on BRP’s Ski-Doo® REV™ and REV-XP™ snowmobiles. Can-Am uses locking bolts instead of traditional welds to hold the frame members together. The frame is13% lighter than the best-in-class competitor.


Rotax 449cc derived from BRP Can-Am's Aprillia 1000R road bike. This is completely new Rotax® 4-TEC® 450cc engine. It's a 449cc Electronic Fuel Injected engine that Can-Am says is by far the most powerful in its class. 9% more HP than the best-in-class competitor.

DS450 Rotax Engine


All-aluminum A-arms, Knuckles And Wheel Hubs
Unsprung weight is the weight of all the components that follow the wheel travel, or everything not supported by the springs. The lower the unsprung weight, the faster the wheel assembly can move up and down to follow terrain irregularities and absorb impacts without transmitting too much movement to the vehicle. This results in a smoother ride and keeps the tires in contact with the ground. When unsprung weight is lower, the springs and shocks can be tuned to handle motion induced by the terrain, instead of trying to control inertia of the ATV’s suspension.

Inverted Brake Calipers And Peripheral Brake Discs
By putting the caliper "inside" a peripheral brake disc, the diameter can be increased as close as possible to the inside of the wheel. Larger discs improve potential braking power and precision feel.

Short Spindle Length

The spindle acts as a lever on the steering ball joints. The longer the lever, the more kickback is transmitted to the steering when the wheel hits an obstacle. With a long spindle lever, small impacts are felt as annoying kickback, tracking in brake bumps requires steering corrections, and bigger impacts take a toll on a rider's wrists. The DS 450’s short spindle lever reduces the negative steering feedback, providing a more confidence- inspiring ride.

Longest A-arms Possible For A Given ATV Width
When a double A-arm suspension travels up and down, the wheel moves in and out, in a "butterfly" motion. A short A-arm results in a pronounced arc and produces a significant amount of scrub. This sideways movement of the wheel causes loss of tire lateral traction and makes the vehicle dart from side to side in whoops sections. The DS 450 has longer A-arms so the radius of the arc produced by the A-arms is larger, resulting in less scrub – or outward movement of the wheel. The result: more predictable and precise handling.

Negative Scrub Radius
When braking, there is often a difference in grip between the two front wheels. This difference sends the ATV pivoting around the wheel that has more grip. This effect is amplified by a positive scrub radius, because that wheel is also being steered outward by forces acting on the tire – the positive scrub radius acts as the lever turning the wheels out around the kingpin axis. However, a negative scrub radius will cause the wheel to turn in under braking loads. So the turn-in effect fights against the pivoting motion of the bike around the front wheel that has more grip. The result: self- correcting behavior, providing the confidence to enter corners faster, and brake harder and later.

Other Photos:

Can Am DS450    Can Am DS450




449cc, single-cylinder, DOHC 4-valve, liquid-cooled
Bore & Stroke:
97 x 60.8 mm
EFI with 46 mm Throttle Body, 16 bit CPU with 32 MHz clock speed
Starting system:
5-speed manual
Drive train:
Chain driven/solid axle


ALTEC dual-pyramidal aluminum
Front suspension type:
R-Type Double A-arm, forged aluminum/Kayaba? HPG aluminum piggyback with adjustment for compression, rebound and spring preload
Front suspension travel:
9.5 in (241 mm)
Rear suspension type:
R-Type swingarm, cast aluminum/Kayaba HPG aluminum piggyback with adjustment for compression, rebound and spring preload
Rear suspension travel:
10.5 in (267 mm)
Front brake:
Dual 182 mm wave type discs with inverted twin-piston calipers
Rear brake:
198 mm wave type rotor with single piston caliper
Front tires:
ITP Holeshot SR 21 x 7R-10 in in. (ITP Holeshot SR 533 x 178R-254 mm mm)
Rear tires:
ITP Holeshot SR 20 x 10R-9 in in. (ITP Holeshot SR 508 x 254R-229 mm mm)


L x W x H in:
72.4 x 46 x 41.9
L x W x H meter:
1.389 x 1.168 x 1.064
49.9 in. (1.267 m)
Dry weight:
345 lbs. (161 kg)
Ground clearance:
9 in. (228 mm)
Seat height:
32.7 in. (831 mm)
Fuel capacity:
3 US gal. (11.5 L)

DS 450 EFI X-package features:

  • Front KYB HPG piggyback shocks; compression and rebound damping adjustments; high and low speed compression adjusters

  • Black aluminum X rims with reinforcement rings

  • Chassis and swing-arm aluminum skid plates

  • Aluminum front bumper, number plate ready

  • Aluminum handlebar riser block

  • Aluminum taper-profile handlebar with square pad

  • Nerf bars with netting

  • Quick-adjust clutch cable thumb screw

  • Black body with X-package graphics

  • Premium embroidered X-package seat cover


Bombardier Recreational Products Inc. (BRP)


Phone: 877-469-7433

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