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Product Review

3M Scotchgard Paint Protection film


Sand Dunes are brutal on Sand Car paint, powder coat and chrome. Without protection the finish will get sand blasted, scratched and pitted.  The daily abuse our desert trips put on our prized possessions wreaks havoc on the appearance and resale value.

“Perhaps the Best Product You’ve Never Seen” - Motortrend Magazine

There is a solution! You now have a choice that will keep your vehicle looking new for years to come.  Ultimate Shield has created a way to effectively put an end to costly damage and preserve the beauty and integrity of painted and plated finishes.   It has been proven for years in the military and racing industry and now is available to the public for everyday vehicles.

Protect Your Investment Now! Don’t Wait for Your First Rock Chip to Wish You Had.

Ultimate Shield Paint Protection Film is ideal for protecting painted surfaces in high impact & wear areas.  The film forms an invisible, skintight bond with your vehicle.  The film is an 8 mil thick thermoplastic coating that is guaranteed not to peel, yellow, crack, or fade and can be removed with no harm to the factory paint.  It is covered with a 5 year warranty.  Once applied it is maintenance free, just wash and wax over it as you would the rest of the vehicle.


After the surface has been cleaned, spray the panel with the soap & water solution and roll out the bull film on the panel to be covered.

Trim excess film with scissors leaving an inch or two over hang.

Apply the film to the panel with overlapping squeegee strokes.

Spray some of the alcohol & water solution (70% isopropyl, not Bud Light) near the ends of the panel.  The alcohol solution will allow the water to dissipate faster and achieve a quicker tack time.

With a sharp knife CAREFULLY trim the edges (and any dzus fastener holes) leaving a 1/16- 1/8in gap from the edge.  Make special attention to score the film and not cut all the way through it.  This could damage the paint!

Remove the excess material and do a final wipe down.  You are now ready to reinstall the panel and hit the sand.



I had the film applied the the side panels of my sand car.  You cannot even tell it it there, but it makes a big difference in protecting the paint.

Contact Info:

Ultimate Shield
1718 N. Neville St
Orange CA 92865

Phone: 714.412.4851
Email: sean

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