Dumont Dunes, California

Dumont Dunes

Name: Dumont Sand Dunes


North of Baker, CA on Highway 127


The Dumont Dunes Off-Highway Vehicle Area (8,150 acres) is an exciting and remote area for off-highway vehicle recreation. Bordered by steep volcanic hills and the slow running Amargosa River, the region is easily recognized from a distance by its distinctive sand dunes.

The historic Tonopah and Tidewater Railroad, to the east, was in operation between 1905 and 1940. The vegetation here consists of creosote scrub, some annual grasses, and  wildflowers in the spring. The low elevation in the area makes for warm to extremely hot conditions in spring and summer.

The Kingston Range Wilderness borders the riding area to the north. This area is CLOSED to motor vehicles. Travel outside the riding area to the south and east is permitted only on designated routes and only with street-legal vehicles.

Elevation - 700 - 1200 ft.


Directions to Dumont:

Interstate 15 to Baker, CA then north on Highway 127 for 33 miles. A roughly 2 mile dirt/gravel road will take you across a small stream and past a Ranger Information/Pay station, and then up a plateau to the camping area.

The riding area is south of the Amargosa River and east of State Highway 127, about 31 miles north of Baker, California. There are two ways of getting to the dunes. The Little Dunes (some call it Little Dumont) staging and camping area is directly off Highway 127, conveniently located for immediate staging. One mile north of here, just off Highway 127, is Dumont Road, a dirt road which follows and crosses the river, leading  to the main field of large dunes.

Dumont Dunes Highway Sign
Sign at Hwy 127 and Dumont Road.

Dumont Dunes Access Road   Dumont Sand Dunes Access Road
Dumont Dunes Road (President's Weekend - 2005)

Dumont Dunes Map

Dumont GPS Coordinates:

  • North Pole - 35 41.20 N / 116 10.61 W

  • Pay Station - 35 41.65 N 116 14.82W

  • River Crossing - 35  41.75 N 116 15.08 W

  • Little Dumont - 35  38.93 N 116 17.56 W

BansheeBob's Dumont Dunes GPS Info

Dumont Camping Areas:


Dumont Grid Map

Little Dumont - You can camp right off of Hwy 127 by the little dunes.  Fees still apply.

Little Dumont Camp Area   LittleDumont-2.jpg (51112 bytes)
Little Dumont is just off of Hwy 127 before the main Dumont turnoff

Dumont Dunes Campground    DumontCamp-6.jpg (32223 bytes)    DumontCamp-2.jpg (73482 bytes)    DumontCamp-1.jpg (46366 bytes)   DumontCamp-3.jpg (40571 bytes)
More camping area photos. Click to enlarge.

Area Managed By: BLM California, Barstow Field Office



Annual permits are 90 non holiday and 120 w/ holidays

Weekly permits are 30 non holiday and 40 holiday

New fees for the 2007/2008 Season!

  • 7 day pass $30.00 non-holiday and $40 for holiday.

  • Annual pass $90.00 non-holiday and $120 with holidays

  • Holiday surcharge $10.00 (applies to Halloween, Thanksgiving, New Years, Martin Luther King, Presidents Day)

  • Annual pass upgrade to include all 5 holiday periods $120.00

For more information about Dumont Dunes - call (760) 252-6000.

Annual Permits ($60) are available:
1. by phone from Western Maintenance Co. - call (760) 726-6055.
2. on site from vendor on duty.
3. in person at the Barstow Field Office - 2601 Barstow Road, Barstow, Calif.

7-Day Permits ($20) are available on site only from vendor on duty.

Dumont Dunes pay Station   DumontPayStation-2.jpg (28686 bytes)


  • All vehicles must have a muffler or spark arrester and have either a street-legal license or be registered as an off-highway vehicle.
  • All OHVs must have a mast and red or orange flag for visibility in the dunes.
  • Vehicles operated at night must use both headlights and taillights.
  • Helmets are required to be worn by all riders of ATVs.
  • Only one person at a time is allowed on an ATV.
  • Possession or use of any glass container, empty or not, used for carrying any liquid for drinking purposes is prohibited (43 CFR 8361.1-6).
  • Camping is allowed anywhere within the riding area as long as it does not block travel on a road, and is limited to a 14-day stay. 
  • SHOOTING IS NOT PERMITTED within this area..
  • Draining of sewage tanks, littering, or dumping of trash is prohibited

DumontGovtCompund.jpg (21778 bytes)
Sheriff & BLM Camp on President's weekend

Other Photos (click to enlarge):

Dumont Dunes Sand Drags 2004
President's Weekend Sand Drags - 2004

Dumont Dunes Sand Drags 2005
President's Weekend - 2005

The Dunes

CompHill-1.jpg (65860 bytes)    DumontFromRoad.jpg (26171 bytes)    DumontCompHill-1.jpg (35725 bytes)   DumontCompHill-3.jpg (37571 bytes)

Dumont-5.jpg (21995 bytes)    Dumont-7.jpg (25624 bytes)    Dumont-8.jpg (28955 bytes)   Dumont Dunes

Aerial Photos

Dumont Dunes Aerial Photo    Dumont Dunes Aerial Photo    Dumont Dunes Aerial Photo    Dumont Dunes Aerial Photo    Dumont Dunes Aerial Photo

Aerial-1.gif (106158 bytes)    Aerial-2.gif (107303 bytes)    Aerial-3.gif (94223 bytes)    Aerial-4.gif (98656 bytes)  Dumont Dunes from jet airliner

Dumont Aerial Photos (3) - DumontSandDunes.com

The North Pole

Dumont Dunes North Pole

Amargosa River Crossing

Dumont Dunes Amargosa River Crossing   Dumont Dunes River Crossing   Dumont Dunes River Crossing   Dumont Dunes River Crossing

Sperry Wash

The Sperry Wash Route provides a unique opportunity for users camped at Dumont who are willing to put dirt tires on their vehicle. 

DumontCleanup2007-12.jpg (52755 bytes)   DumontCleanup2007-16.jpg (71931 bytes)   DumontCleanup2007-17.jpg (53923 bytes)   DumontSperryWash-3.jpg (48661 bytes)

Vehicle use along this route is limited to designated trails. The route is bordered by congressionally designated Wilderness. If you want to keep this route open, do your part and stay on the trail.

Sperry Wash Route - Entrance near river crossing & access road   T & T Railroad Grade   T & T Railroad Grade

There are two ways to get onto the trail from the dunes. The first is right past the river crossing, and the other is along the old T & T Railroad Grade.

Dumont Dunes Sperry Wash    Dumont Dunes Sperry Wash    Dumont Dunes Sperry Wash  DumontCleanup2007-15.jpg (52823 bytes)

Dumont Sperry Wash   DumontCleanup2007-13.jpg (68189 bytes)   DumontCleanup2007-14.jpg (55674 bytes)  

Sand Drags - President's Weekend 2005

Dumont Dunes Sand Drags - President's Weekend   Dumont Dunes Sand Drags - President's Weekend   Dumont Dunes Sand Drags - Las Vegas Jeep Club   Dumont Dunes Sand Drags   Dumont Dunes Jeep Sand Drags

Other Information:

  • No trash collection. Pack it out.

  • No Water

  • Pit toilets are available throughout Dumont (10) and Little Dumont (2)

Dumont Dunes Toilet


Current Dumont Weather - DumontSandDunes.com (44 miles south of Dumont)

Weather.com - Baker, CA

WeatherRoom.com - Baker.com

Dumont Weather


Services in Baker:

  • RV Dump & Water Fill: Valero in Baker

Dumont Dunes RV Dump Baker

  • Passes available at the Valero in Baker
  • Hotel/Motel: 
    - Motel Will's Fargo - (760) 733-4477
    - Bun Boy Motel - (760) 733-4363
    - Royal Hawaiian Motel - (760) 733-4326

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